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5 Tips for Keeping a Cozy Home

I think it's safe to say that most everyone wants their home to be warm and inviting. I know it is one of my personal goals for my home to give a feeling of comfort right when someone walks in the door.

Some may think that adding decor and styling a home is done merely for superficial reasons. I happen to believe that the way a room is styled can make a person feel a certain way.

It's the reason why no one likes waiting in doctor's offices. The lights are cold, the seats are uncomfortable and they have boring artwork on the walls...if they even have that. But what about when you walk into your favorite local coffee shop? They often have comfy seating that invites people to sit and be together, warmer and dimmer lighting, maybe even a bookshelf or two. Not to mention the glorious smell of coffee that instantly touches your soul. This is a place you want to sit and stay a while.

The waiting room in a doctor's office? Not so much.

Both my husband and I are pretty chill, low-key people and that means we both love to be cozy at home. Over the years I think I've gotten pretty good at making spaces that you just want to sit in and enjoy. The best part is, you most definitely do not have to spend a lot of money to achieve this. Almost every single thing in my home is thrifted or secondhand. I think the most I've ever spent on a single item is maybe $150! All of these tips I'm going to give you can be done within a small budget.

These tips are great for both homemakers who have a knack for design and those who may not have quite as much of a natural eye for these sorts of things. You don't have to be an interior designer to make a cozy space, trust me!

01. add a lamp

If you want to instantly cozy up a space, add a lamp! I'm probably a little weird about this but I truly despise overhead lighting. I will use it only if I absolutely have to. I even have lamps in my kitchen so that I don't have to use overhead lighting. Overhead lighting tends to be overbearing. If there's a certain space in your home that you feel just needs a little extra help in the cozy department, add a lamp! Target usually has small table lamps for only $10 like this one or you can thrift larger ones for around the same price! The key here is making sure you get a good light bulb. You do not want a light bulb that is bright white. It doesn't have to be straight up ORANGE, but just go a bit on the warmer side for the best result.

You don't have to boycott your overhead lights as I do LOL, but adding in a lamp sure will help!

02. keep a tea kettle on the stove

This one might sound strange, but I really think it makes a difference! Keeping a tea kettle on your stove gives the feeling that at any moment you can turn the burner on, slow down for a minute and enjoy a hot cuppa tea. It's also a great way to have functional decor that still looks cute!

03. have music playing in the background

If you want to set the mood, turn on some soft music to play in the background. If you have a home speaker, awesome! Use it! If not, you can totally just keep it playing on your phone. I typically like to go for jazz or any type of slower sounding music. This can easily evoke a peaceful feeling!

My go-to playlists are below:

04. keep candles around

We all know that candles bring INSTANT cozy vibes. I love a good scented candle from time to time, but I most often use unscented taper candles. These are also real handy when the power goes out. One of my favorite things to look for in thrift stores are old candlestick holders. These are sometimes tricky to find but you'll feel like you've struck gold when you do! I have 7 brass candlestick holders that I found at Goodwill for under $15 total!

I love this two-pack beeswax blend taper candle set from Target, but you can buy these at many different places. I'm hoping to start making my own taper candles soon!

05. give yourself an attitude check

When it comes down to it, you can have all the right things in your home but if you have a hurried, bitter or ungrateful attitude, none of it matters. If you start to feel this creep in, take a few minutes by yourself to confess, repent and regain a godly attitude. My favorite thing to pray when I'm feeling myself sink into a crappy 'tude is Psalm 139:23-24,

"Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!"

Praise the Lord that we have a helper in our weakness! God is keeping your heart as you are keeping your home. Lean in and rely on the Holy Spirit to be your guide.

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